Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters with the Right Taught Me About Sex, God, and Fury

Whew, Minkowitz really bit off a huge chunk here. From infiltrating the Promise Keepers (and oh what a controlling bunch that is!), to interviewing the right wing "Focus" staff, she leaves no stone unturned and no sacred cow undefiled. As a lesbian and a writer, she sought to expose the right wing ultraconservative religious factions, but ended up identifying with them on many levels.
I got this book because I wanted to read her explorations and hopefully, her exposing of their frailties .... but was disappointed that she did little exposing. The christian groups she visited seemed more pitiful than volcanic.
I wanted more in the way of bashing, I guess. As a survivor of sexual abuse at the hand of an evangelical minister, I wanted her to say more about the hypocrasy that exists in right wing christian churches, not to identify with them. I wanted more of a down and dirty expose' of their manipulation and scare tactics. I wanted her to validate what I had experienced in the guise of religion. I wanted her to stand up in the "glamour" workshop and get that makeover, and proclaim that she is lesbian.... and she didn't.
Her juxiposition of an S/M lifestyle with the ultraconservative religious right seemed out of place, but gave the reader an insight as to where she is as an individual.

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ThE JaDaVErSE said...

not a great book for me, I don't reading a lot, but this one not for me!